Business Tips

Mistakes candidates make on their CV?

1.Spelling and grammar 56%
2.Not tailored to the job 21%
3.Length not right & poor work history 16%
4.Poor format and no use of bullets 11%

Mistakes candidates make on their CV (2)

5.No accomplishments 9%
6.Contact & email problems 8%
7.Objective/profile was too vague 5%
So then, Start right, End right

What should be my Attitudes at work?

1. Train yourself to accommodate all kinds of persons. || 2. Suffer the pain of being principled and work at your best because you can never tell how is watching. || 3. Be focused

I’ve Got The Talent, The Skill; What Else Do employers Need From Me?

Prove it. What have you done with your talent, your skill, your intellect? What have you achieved in a long term of being unemployed- be it big or small? Just your words will not be able to push a feather of impressing your employer. So prove it.

How to Get your dream Job

conduct a self-exploration, learn more about job opportunities within the given industry, Develop the right mental attitude for the job you dream of, take classes and courses to be knowledgeable enough to take the job, act like you’ve got the job. Now go for it. Search.

You’re invisible to Employers

When did someone last look at your CV on LinkedIn? When did you last attend a networking event? If the answer is never, the chances are that you are invisible to would-be employers. Take the opportunity to expose yourself during seminars, talks, symposiums, and competitions.